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teh_moulinrouge's Journal

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This is Carly's and Shannon's Moulin Rouge COMMUNITY. Because we wanted one.
Anyone can join, but you have to be approved to post :3 So. Just uhh..IM me [Carly]..my sn is up there. Or you can IM Shannon, her s/n is Shoo Infusion. Tell me that you joined and you wanna post, and I'll make it so you can. Yay :D People

And, please learn to type out words. Because using "u", "o" "ur", etc etc, really piss me off. :3 And no "OMFG LOLIZ EWAN IS TEHSEXORZZZ!!! I HAFF SUM NEWED PIX OF HIMMM!" Kinda people. You're here if you love the movie. Don't come if you just think Ewan or Nicole is hot :3. AND NO QUIZZES.

Don't let me scare you away, feel free to join and obsess with us ^_^

Run with love by rocketdreamaria and shoo_infusion