___sorrow (shoo_infusion) wrote in teh_moulinrouge,

Hello, and welcome to......*drums* TEH MOULIN ROUGE!!! I am a moderator. You may call me Shoo. I cam up with the idea for this community, so if Jess said SHE DID...she's LYING! :OO *spanks her*

Anywho, some rules...


1. Please...please please please. TYPE CORRECTLY. No "hi my name iz joe n i am frum south carolina itz c00l 2 meet u" It really isn't hard to type correctly, and it's hard on the brain when you type like that. You can do it for fun moderatly, but not all the time >_<

2. No quizzes that have nothing to do with Moulin Rouge

3. No, I don't want to see your naked pictures (Jess might though...)

4. If you don't like the movie, good for you. Get the hell out.

5. No racial slurs and such please :P Don't wanna get suspended.

THE END. la. Have fun.
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