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wee X)


I have the movie downloaded, if anyone needs a particular screenshot of anything. And all the songs. Just hit me up if you want anything X3

This morning I woke up and "Your Song" was on. And I was thinking..that would really piss me off if like..I wanted to have sex and this guy starts SINGING. I dunno. That would just really piss me off.

Yeah, so I was thinking.

And score, I get my book tomorrow! X)
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Well, if we're talking Moulin Rouge, I would much rather that the Young Handsome Stranger charm me with his song than make me do him. Because it's about LOVE. And love =/= (does not equal, for those who are .. uninformed) sex0r.
Oh well. You're on love terms, I'm on whore terms. XD I didn't have my cereal this morning so I was all screwed up ;;
But Moulin Rouge is about looove. Lerrrv. Everyone -thinks- it's just about whores, but it's not. ;.; Baz Luhrmann = lerv. He does lerv stories.

A lot of people saw Moulin Rouge thinking it'd be a good way to see some prostitutin', but, haha, it -wasn't- just a pr0n flick, it had meaning! Gaspshockhorror.

Babble. o.o;
That's what I thought it was before I saw it XDD

The chicks at my study hall table would talk about it all period, and I'd be all.."you like the whore movie? O__o" Then I SAW it. OMGOMGOMG.

Whores weren't even like the center of it. I think they should of put "Come What May" on the radio, instead of "Lady Marmalade". Cos that's what made everything think that. o__o;

I used to think I was so hardcore because I knew all of the rap part to that.
*laughs* XD

Well, of course, the reason Lady Marmalade was out is because it was what got people to go see it, since the most people -would- rather see a whore movie than a 'movie about love'. False advertising = suck. Do you have the DVD? (If you don't, you MUST SEE IT, for the extras.) But, anyway, the trailers scream 'sex' too. The only trailer that doesn't is the Japanese one. That one is a big fat <3. I love it. ;.; Sex was just their way of getting people to see it.
Yes, I have the DVD. :D <3 I'm not sure where the disk with all the extra stuff is though O__o I have to go find it.

Oh well. It was about whores AND about love. AND A WHORE WHO FELL IN LOVE. omgomgomgTRIPLETHREAT.

So now I am like..going to download some old movie trailers. Cos I don't remember them :3
MY GIIIIIFT IS MY SOOOOONG... and this one's for you ;;

It's one of my favorite songs. Dude. I used to sing it at the top of my lungs when I watched the movie... and I'd sing it at school... heh.

I think I'm with Dream here... dude...

What was the point of this comment? o_O